The Traditional Latin Mass

The Traditional Latin Mass captures many mysteries of our faith, if not all of them. These sermons are an attempt to reveal something of them.


calendar_today July 25, 2021
schedule 25:15

The Traditional Latin Mass Perfectly Presents the Lex Orandi

As a re-capitulation of the life of Christ, what an astonishing expression is the Traditional Latin Mass of our Holy Faith… an accurate and perfect presentation of the Lex Orandi!! Know, then, faith...

calendar_today July 18, 2021
schedule 25:57

Preserving Our Peace and Piety in Maintaining Our Inheritance

The 19th C. Carmelite mystic Bd. Francis Palau writes: “As there is no greater good in the world than true faith and the Catholic religion, neither can there be a more cruel, more terrible more terr...

calendar_today September 16, 2017
schedule 20:41

Holy Mass is Offered on the Backdrop of Eternity

The Holy Mass is anagogical, meaning that it leads and even reaches to the end. It is unto the end. It is eschatological. It is offered, so to speak, on the backdrop of eternity! In this way, we can s...

calendar_today July 30, 2017
schedule 24:55

Pulling in the Devil's Leash

8th Sunday after Pentecost: In the Gospel this Sunday’s Mass we hear about the unjust steward squandering the possessions of His Master. He was finally caught, told to give an accounting and then wa...

calendar_today July 16, 2017
schedule 28:16

Life Begins by Dying with Christ at the Holy Mass

6th Sunday after Pentecost: There is an amazing principle in how God set things up in this world and it is this: when we are ready to die with Him and for Him, we suddenly find ourselves ready to do...

calendar_today July 9, 2017
schedule 26:50

Making Peace Through the Blood of His Cross

5th Sunday after Pentecost: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the re-presentation of Christ’s Passion and Death. This mysterious ritual, this most precious gift of God that surpasses understanding,...

calendar_today August 14, 2016
schedule 21:12

The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God!

In philosophy and theology, we often times learn about something we are interested in by looking at its opposite. This is called the via negativa. To learn more about the incredible reality of the Hol...

calendar_today August 7, 2016
schedule 21:16

The Life of Christ is Recapitulated in the Mass

12th Sunday after Pentecost: The Holy Latin Mass, the perfect prayer, the unbloody re-presention of Calvary, can be viewed in a simple and beautiful way at once as the re-capitulation … as a summary...

calendar_today July 31, 2016
schedule 21:41

Connecting to the Groanings of Christ through the Holy Mass

11th Sunday after Pentecost: Is the Holy Mass just a liturgical key that unlocks the Tabernacle door?? In the sixth chapter of St. John’s Gospel we hear of how the people after being fed with the mu...

calendar_today July 24, 2016
schedule 18:42

The Perfect Prayer can only be Re-Presented

10th Sunday after Pentecost: What is perfect is complete. It it finished and cannot be repeated. It can, however, be re-presented (made present again). And this is precisely what happens in the Holy S...

calendar_today July 17, 2016
schedule 22:34

The Compiegne Carmelite Martyrs and the Holy Mass

9th Sunday after Pentecost: In Exodus we read how God carefully instructed Moses to offer the lamb in a way that would be acceptable to Him. God tells us how to make Sacrifice! He makes it known! He m...

calendar_today August 24, 2014
schedule 23:50

The True Mass verus the black mass

O how truly wonderful it is to be Catholic! To be able to attend this Holy Mass through which we can best worship, adore, thank and petition God. Yet, the devil also desires to be worshiped and adored...

calendar_today July 14, 2013
schedule 21:31

How to Actively Participate in the Mass

calendar_today March 7, 2013
schedule 08:27

The Latin Mass and the Passion of the Church

calendar_today March 6, 2013
schedule 10:59

The Latin Mass as the Life of Christ, part 2

calendar_today March 5, 2013
schedule 06:48

The Latin Mass as the Life of Christ, part 1

calendar_today February 6, 2013
schedule 14:17

The Latin Mass: Collecting the Available Graces at Mass

calendar_today February 5, 2013
schedule 15:20

The Latin Mass: Uniting Our Sufferings with Christ

calendar_today February 4, 2013
schedule 15:05

The Latin Mass: Latin is a Sacred Language

calendar_today December 19, 2012
schedule 12:48

The Mass Helps Us Grow in Faith, Hope, and Charity

calendar_today December 2, 2012
schedule 18:25

The Kingdom of God is Accomplished in the Mass