Types & Our Times

A type is a historical person, thing or event that really happened but, at the same time, marvelously points to a future reality that is bigger than itself. God, the Lord and Master of all History, can easily work things out at one moment in time such that it prefigures another later moment. This is important because the faithful living at the second moment will find comfort in how the former saints passed through their trials. If they could do it, so can we. If God was there for them, He will be here for us!!


calendar_today December 1, 2012
schedule 14:50

Types and Our Times: We Are to Inspire the Saints of the End Times

calendar_today November 30, 2012
schedule 11:55

Types and Our Times: Saint Andrew and Manliness

calendar_today November 29, 2012
schedule 13:35

Types and Our Times: Blessed Alexandria de Costa

calendar_today November 28, 2012
schedule 14:11

Types and Our Times: Saint Joan of Arc

calendar_today November 27, 2012
schedule 13:53

Types and Our Times: Queen Isabella, The Catholic (part 2)

calendar_today November 26, 2012
schedule 10:01

Types and Our Times: Queen Isabella, The Catholic (part 1)