The Seven Sacraments


calendar_today January 22, 2023
schedule 25:28

Ordering Charity with Our Lady in Holy Matrimony according to J-O-Y

Our Lady puts His Majesty, Jesus, first; she put others second, and herself last. J-O-Y follows. In saying her last recorded words in the Gospel, “Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye” she does not f...

calendar_today January 8, 2023
schedule 18:57

Holy Matrimony is a Holy Thing and of the Foundation of Society

Council of Trent: “matrimony is a holy thing and is to be treated in a holy manner.” History tells why the Church is right: to tinker with the doctrine on marriage is to invite schism, wars, death not...

calendar_today January 1, 2023
schedule 19:15

Two Kinds of Annihilation

Man is by nature a religious being. God made us this way. It is built in. Religion is a part of the virtue of Justice, which requires giving to God what is due to Him as our Creator. In fact, this rel...

calendar_today December 18, 2022
schedule 24:52

Christmas -- Christ's Mass -- the Continued Incarnation in Space and Time

As we all know well Advent is a time provided by the Church for us to prepare for Christmas… As we continue our little series on the Sacraments, let us focus our attention on the name Christmas, which...

calendar_today December 4, 2022
schedule 18:48

The Most Blessed Sacrament -- Antidote to Demons

St. John Cassian’s writings on the Desert Fathers we find this saying: “When [the Eucharist] is received by a person, it burns out, as it were, by a kind of fire, the spirit that occupies his members...

calendar_today November 20, 2022
schedule 18:50

Keeping on the Life Jacket of Grace to be Among the Eagles

We are living in a time in which the zealous priest, parent and teacher resemble the heroic Fr. Thomas Conway and Marine Captain Edward Parke. These men swam nearly continuously for a number of days s...

calendar_today November 13, 2022
schedule 24:28

The Holy Priesthood and the Cities of Refuge

The Church is the new city of refuge. Just as the old cities were of the priestly tribe of Levi, so the Church is a priestly city. All in the Church, by virtue of their baptism have a share in the com...

calendar_today November 6, 2022
schedule 22:31

Priesthood -- The Second Most Important Sacrament

A good priest I once worked with would often say, “It is not what you know, but who you know.” He was right in more ways than one. He was referring to having good connections in this life in order to...

calendar_today October 30, 2022
schedule 24:47

Withholding the Antichrist with Sacramental Character and Christ the King

St. Pauls declares in 2 Thess 2: “now you know what withholdeth.” We know for certain this must be first and foremost none other than His Majesty, Jesus Christ the King. For His Majesty alone will sla...

calendar_today October 23, 2022
schedule 24:55

The Sacrament of Confirmation -- Receiving the Strength to Suffer

St. Therese certainly felt this hidden mystery when she was confirmed. “Finally, the happy moment [the sacrament of confirmation] arrived. I did not feel a brisk wind when the Holy Ghost descended, bu...

calendar_today October 2, 2022
schedule 22:06

Baptism -- the First and Most Important Sacrament, part 2

Let us renew our appreciation for this beautiful sacrament… and all that it does for us. Let us baptize our new born babes in a timely manner… and use it well ourselves by gathering up our sacrifices...

calendar_today September 18, 2022
schedule 22:34

Baptism -- the First and Most Important Sacrament

3. In the Creed we profess: “I confess one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.” His Majesty Himself told us that Baptism is necessary for salvation “Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born aga...

calendar_today September 4, 2022
schedule 24:33

Going from Grace to Grace wtih the Sacraments

Our Merciful Savior is present in all the Sacraments to help us with all our needs and stages of spiritual development need for full maturity. He is here for us and has by no means abandoned us. This...

calendar_today May 15, 2022
schedule 25:19

The Sacrament of Penance Casts Out ALL Uncleanness

To make progress using the Sacrament of Penance, never be satisfied with just making a good confession but rather seek to make your firm purpose of amendment translate into actions… prayer and good wo...

calendar_today April 24, 2022
schedule 25:37

Unpacking the Heavy Boxes Caused by Sin

Imagine for a moment you are in a big truck that has been loaded down with boxes. These boxes are causing the truck to be weighed down. If you have ever studied physics you might recall the simple equ...

calendar_today February 11, 2007
schedule 14:32

The Sacraments: Marriage

calendar_today January 28, 2007
schedule 17:15

The Sacraments: Holy Orders

calendar_today January 14, 2007
schedule 15:38

The Sacraments: Extreme Unction

calendar_today December 10, 2006
schedule 15:19

The Sacraments: Penance (part 2)

calendar_today November 19, 2006
schedule 16:55

The Sacraments: Penance (part 1)

calendar_today November 5, 2006
schedule 16:13

The Sacraments: Holy Eucharist

calendar_today October 22, 2006
schedule 13:16

The Sacraments: Confirmation

calendar_today October 8, 2006
schedule 16:47

The Sacraments: Baptism

calendar_today September 24, 2006
schedule 10:02

The Sacraments: Prologue

calendar_today September 10, 2006
schedule 14:41

The Sacraments: Sanctifying Grace