1st Saturday Meditations

Our Lady asked that we meditate upon one of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary for 15 minutes on 1st Saturdays. These postings are an attempt to fulfill that request. Keep in mind that the long pauses are actually much longer in real time... such that the meditation lasted 15 minutes as these meditations are usually presented as three points with pauses in between to allow sufficient reflection and meditation.


calendar_today May 6, 2023
schedule 9:01

1st Saturday Meditation: The Resurrection -- Rising Up Early in the Morning

For this First Saturday Meditation today, let us focus on the Mystery of His Majesty’s Resurrection and the 11th Apparition at Lourdes. From St. Mark’s Gospel we hear: “very early in the morning, the...

calendar_today March 4, 2023
schedule 7:49

1st Saturday Meditation: The Coronation -- I am Sad when She is Sad

After one of the apparitions at Lourdes, St. Bernadette was asked later “why were you sometimes happy and sometimes sad?” Bernadette responded: “I am sad when She is sad, and I smile when She smiles.”...

calendar_today February 4, 2023
schedule 8:54

1st Saturday Meditation: The Presentation and Purification -- Following God's Ordering and Law

calendar_today January 7, 2023
schedule 8:54

1st Saturday Meditation: The Cave of Restoration

The fact that the Christ, the Word made flesh, was conceived in a cave at the house in Nazareth and then born in a cave, forever set the stage for how godly restorations are started. They resorted to...

calendar_today November 5, 2022
schedule 9:06

1st Saturday Meditation: The Descent into Limbo and Delivering Souls from Purgatory

In His merciful descent into Limbo, His Majesty, Our Lord and Savior, gives an example… that we should pity those now in prison down in the earth in Purgatory. Although we cannot visit them in person...

calendar_today October 1, 2022
schedule 9:33

1st Saturday Meditation: the Third Secret of Fatima

In the vision part of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, made public in the year 2000, Sr. Lucia recounts what is clearly meant to be a participation in the 5th Sorrowful Mystery of the Most Holy Rosary. We ar...

calendar_today August 6, 2022
schedule 10:25

1st Saturday Meditation: Our Lady's Dormition

Our Lady wanted to die in order to gain the maximum merits unto the very end to help save souls and bring glory to God. So too should we want such a meritorious death!! And she can help all die well w...

calendar_today July 3, 2022
schedule 7:28

1st Saturday Meditation: The Visitation and the Need to Obey the Right Voice

FOURTH APPARITION (Visitation) Friday, Feb 19. Accompanied to the Grotto by her mother and godmother (and namesake, Aunt Bernarde), Bernadette, holding a lighted candle for the first time, is again tr...

calendar_today June 4, 2022
schedule 6:08

1st Saturday Meditation: Keeping Our Contracts -- Fulfilling Our Missions

The Dean says to Bernadette, “Ask the Lady Her name once more, and when we know Her name, we will build Her a chapel. And it won’t be a little one, I tell you; it will be a very big one.” Upon leaving...

calendar_today March 5, 2022
schedule 9:47

1st Saturday Meditation: Better than Queen Esther in Blessed Mary

For our First Saturday meditation today, let us turn to the 15th chapter of the book of Esther. This is an important book in relation to Fatima because the star on Our Lady’s tunic is the Star of Esth...

calendar_today November 7, 2021
schedule 6:58

1st Saturday Meditation--Our Lady's Presentation Breaks the Bonds of Captivity

Within the month of November falls the Feast day of Our Lady’s Presentation in the Temple. As it is related to the Mystery of the same name in the Holy Rosary, let us consider it today in our meditati...

calendar_today October 2, 2021
schedule 4:52

First Saturday Meditation: Angel Helpers in the Mysteries of the Rosary

As this first Saturday lands on the feast day of the Guardian Angels, it is fitting that we see how they play an intimate role in the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

calendar_today August 7, 2021
schedule 08:53

1st Saturday Meditation: the Assumption & Lourdes

Fourteenth Apparition (Assumption) Wednesday, March 3. We pick this apparition because it lines up with the mystery of the Assumption in the Rosary, 14th decade, but also because August is the month o...

calendar_today January 2, 2021
schedule 5:19

1st Saturday Meditation: the Double Vision of Saint Joseph

Reflecting in part upon the prophecy of Simeon, we can conclude that St. Joseph’s joy at the fruit of the sufferings of Jesus and Mary quite overpowered his sorrow at the fact of their having to suf...

calendar_today December 5, 2020
schedule 10:48

1st Saturday Meditation: Queen and Mistress of the Universe

Peter Chrysologus: “He who is not awestruck by this Virgin's spirit and who[ever] does not admire her soul is ignorant of how great God is. Heaven trembles, angels quake, creation cannot bear it, na...