Recovering Fatherhood is essential for our times. Without it, we will never restore peace, harmony and order.


calendar_today January 7, 2023
schedule 14:21

When Fathers Have Eaten Sour Grapes

if we study Sacred Scripture, we find a helpful exposition about Fathers and Sons (children) in the 18th Chapter of Ezekiel… where we hear the overall theme introduced thus: “The fathers have eaten so...

calendar_today June 20, 2021
schedule 17:22

St. Joseph: A Father to Us

There is a beautiful and prayerful hymn to St. Joseph that we pray everyday within our community. One of the lines of this hymn reads: O blessed Saint Joseph, how great was thy worth, The one chosen s...

calendar_today June 20, 2021
schedule 18:16

Fatherhood and the Reordering of All Things to God

Fatherhood and order are intimately linked. When fatherhood thrives, order is present everywhere and all that flows from it such that peace and tranquility are experienced… connections to heaven are...

calendar_today September 20, 2020
schedule 19:23

Fatherhood, Patriotism, and Voting

We live in confusing and revolutionary times. What can we do to limit its evil. At the minimum, we can and should vote to limit evil. Voting done well is indeed a virtuous act of legal justice and a d...

calendar_today August 30, 2020
schedule 21:20

Gratitude and the Gift of Fatherhood

St. Bernard sharply rebukes the wickedness of ingratitude (serm. 51 in Cant.) exclaiming: “Ingratitude is the enemy of our souls, the annihilation of our merits, the scattering of our virtues, the l...

calendar_today August 23, 2020
schedule 18:55

Fatherhood in the Ditch

Our father Adam is the man going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. Fatherhood is needed to rescue fatherhood. God the Father sent us another Adam, the Good Samaritan, rescue Adam. Fatherhood is once aga...

calendar_today August 16, 2020
schedule 20:10

Fatherlessness of Neo-gnosticism will be Reversed by Our Lady Assumed into Heaven

To recover these times so deeply affected by the errors and practices of Neo-gnosticism… to keep our piety… to maintain verticality, fatherhood must be restored and maintained. And Our Lady makes...

calendar_today June 21, 2020
schedule 16:16

Re-establishing Fatherhood to Avoid Being Reduced to Nearly Nothing

One of the root causes of the troubles of our times is the lack of virtuous fatherhood, both inside and outside the Church, on every level. King David indicates in Psalm 77 that bad fathers can work s...

calendar_today June 16, 2019
schedule 19:47

The Primal Importance of Fatherhood

Origins matter. The first book of the Sacred Scriptures, Genesis, is about the origins of all creation and the beginnings man, our first parents in the Garden of Eden and their descendants. The first...

calendar_today November 1, 2015
schedule 18:46

Do We Still Have the Faith of Our Fathers?

Feast of All Saints: The Church seeks to develop a partnership between the old and the new, a generational connection, if you will, between ancestors and descendants. As one person put it, there needs...

calendar_today June 21, 2015
schedule 16:45

Good Fathers Produce Holy Helpmates

Good fathers produce holy helpmates that have incredible potential to change the world. If fathers fail in this duty, the devil is not slow in becoming the replacement father.

calendar_today January 12, 2014
schedule 19:17

The Father's Business is Obedience

The words in Gospel of the Finding of Jesus in the Temple are the first we hear from His Majesty, the Word Incarnate, Our Lord Jesus Christ. He said He must be about the Father's business. What is the...