Capital Punishment

Is Capital Punishment morally acceptable? Yes, when it is done according to due process of law. Thus, Pope Innocent III corrected the Waldensians: "The secular power can without mortal sin carry out a sentence of death, provided it proceeds in imposing the penalty not from hatred but with judgment, not carelessly but with due solicitude." (DS 795, Dz 425)


calendar_today October 17, 2021
schedule 14:31

Modern Errors on Capital Punishment

In regard to the death penalty, one can only conclude that the present Magisterium…that is the present, modern teaching authority of the Church which has not attended to the Magisterium of past ages…i...

calendar_today August 5, 2018
schedule 19:57

The Death Penalty: Appealing to the Highest Court

Ambassador Alan Keyes expressed some very important points about the death penalty some years ago in an interview, stating, “In modern society, we go about business as if death is the ultimate harm...

calendar_today October 6, 2012
schedule 21:55

Capital Punishment is Consistent with Dignity for Life

The Bible, Church Fathers and Doctors, many Popes and Catechisms, and even Christ Himself while He was on earth have asserted that civil authorities have the right to execute criminals, and that doing...