Morality of Voting

often people hear different things about whether it is moral for a Catholic to vote. These sermons will help explain that it is moral to limit evil by voting.


calendar_today October 4, 2020
schedule 16:30

Catholics Voting For Barabbas

The Jews of old largely apostasized on Good Friday by denying their King and Messiah, Jesus Christ. On Palm Sunday, they voted for Our Lord as a King they could follow crying out “Hosanna Filio Davi...

calendar_today September 27, 2020
schedule 15:58

A Vote for the Cause of Christ the King

Pope Pius XII, of holy memory, had this to say about the obligation to vote: In the present circumstances it is strictly obligatory for whoever has the right, man or woman, to take part in the electio...

calendar_today September 20, 2020
schedule 19:23

Fatherhood, Patriotism, and Voting

We live in confusing and revolutionary times. What can we do to limit its evil. At the minimum, we can and should vote to limit evil. Voting done well is indeed a virtuous act of legal justice and a d...

calendar_today November 1, 2016
schedule 14:25

Limiting Evil with the Saints

Feast of All Saints. The basic underlying principle of morality is to do good and avoid evil. Throughout the lives of the saints we find this principle taken a step further in that they strove with Go...

calendar_today October 30, 2016
schedule 16:12

How Can I Vote For Such A Man?

Feast of Christ the King: It is because of holy kings like St. Ferdinand that Spain and Europe showed forth its highest glory. Kings like Ferdinand III made the Gospel the first law of their kingdom a...

calendar_today October 23, 2016
schedule 17:42

Should I Vote For Cyrus or Antiochus?

23rd Sunday after Pentecost: Cyrus the Great was the King of Persia and led that empire during the Jewish exile and captivity in Babylon. The Holy Bible is clear that Cyrus, who was not part of God’...

calendar_today October 23, 2016
schedule 24:30

Limiting Expansion to the Perfect Revolution

Using the imagery of the Apocalypse, chapter 13, Bd. Francis Palau describes what is required for the perfect revolution. This chapter describes two beasts and the dragon. Each of these stand for some...

calendar_today November 18, 2012
schedule 26:41

These Revolutionary Times (part 2)

calendar_today November 4, 2012
schedule 29:12

The Problem of Voting in Revolutionary Times

calendar_today October 28, 2012
schedule 22:01

Excommunication, Leadership, and Elections