Saint Lives

These presentations are from a Wednesday evening gathering of men to be edified in their faith and guided by the saints, especially in their examples. Those speaking here are not always priests but also religious brothers and seminarians.


calendar_today April 26, 2023
schedule 23:60

Saint Life: Uganda Martyrs -- To Die Rather Than Sin

\"Magis mori quam peccare — to die rather than to sin.\" This Christian maxim inspired the martyrs of Uganda—canonized in 1964. These martyrs had been prepared for the supreme sacrifice of martyrdom f...

calendar_today March 8, 2023
schedule 22:13

Pious Life: Fr. Mateo -- Apostle of the Sacred Heart

Why is it that we do not seem to make progress in our Spiritual life, despite so many good resolutions? St. Alphonsus Ligouri says that it is because we do not work on love of Jesus Christ. Other vi...

calendar_today March 1, 2023
schedule 20:47

Saint Life: Peter Julian Eymard -- A Beloved Disciple

St. Peter Julian Eymard lived in the nineteenth century in France and was the founder of the Father of the Blessed Sacrament. He had many apostolates for spreading devotion to the Holy Eucharist. Hi...

calendar_today February 15, 2023
schedule 17:54

Saint Life: Bernadette -- an Unsuspecting Counter Revolutionary

St. Bernadette became a unsuspecting counter revolutionary that no one could move or get past… not hell, nor the freemasonic communistic journalists, scientists, psychologists, occultists… nor the gov...

calendar_today February 8, 2023
schedule 11:02

Saint Life: Jean de Brebeuf -- Manhood at Stake.

In a period of history where noble-men lounged around, some heroes left a comfortable European life to manfully embrace the Cross of Christ in foreign lands. These lands were filled with hardship and...

calendar_today January 18, 2023
schedule 20:38

Saint Life: Agnes of Rome

Temptation is a lifelong struggle, yet at times, the saints were able to respond to temptation as if it were but white noise. Consider St. Theresa who laughed at the appearance of a devil, or Our Lord...

calendar_today January 4, 2023
schedule 19:06

Saint Life: Juan Diego -- Our Lady's Trusted Ambassador

St. Juan Diego was a noble Aztec warrior who converted to Catholicism with his first wife, Maria Lucia. After the death of his wife, Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego in a series of apparitions in whic...

calendar_today December 21, 2022
schedule 22:51

Pious Life: Gabriel Garcia Moreno -- Man of Fire

Our Lord asked that France be consecrated to the Sacred Heart. If this had been done, the French Revolution would surely have been abated. In Quito, Ecuador, however, another political leader consec...

calendar_today December 14, 2022
schedule 6:33

Saint Life: St. Nuno of St. Mary -- Sword and Scapular!

A life on the battlefield merged with the spiritual life; St.Nuno of St. Mary, the knight of Our Lady, shows us what tough guys really look like!

calendar_today December 7, 2022
schedule 24:26

Pious Life: Alphonse Marie Ratisbonne -- Original Sin's Hate Conquered by Divine Grace's Love

Alphonse tells us concerning his conversion: “I had come out of a dark pit, out of a tomb… and I was alive, completely alive… I thought of my brother Theodore with inexpressible joy. But how I wept as...

calendar_today December 1, 2022
schedule 31:43

Saint Life: Martin of Tours -- A Man Words Cannot Describe

Could peacetime also produce saints? Could the garden of the Lord grow other flowers besides the red roses of martyrs? Could that same garden of the Church produce and include other flowers including...

calendar_today November 16, 2022
schedule 19:50

Saint Life: Peter of Alcantara -- a Mad and Holy Scientist

St. Peter of Alcantara established a reform of the Franciscan Order in the Sixteenth Century. He also directed St. Teresa of Avila as she reformed the Carmelites. It is from her we know about his pe...

calendar_today November 9, 2022
schedule 17:10

Saint Life: Blessed Eugenie Marie Joseph -- Helper of Holy Souls

Bd. Eugénie Marie-Joseph Smet … born on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 1825, in Lille, France, into a pious Catholic Family. Early on, the workings of grace made itself felt in her soul, and...

calendar_today October 26, 2022
schedule 14:41

Saint Life: Blessed Justo Ukon Samurai of Christ the Risen Son

Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon: the samurai who followed Christ his Lord, during the violent sengoko period of Japan's history. Blessed Justo was considered by Jesuit missionaries as the most influentia...

calendar_today October 19, 2022
schedule 21:50

Saint Life: John Berchmans -- Angelic Sanctity

The beautiful title of “The Angel Saints” has been given to a triad of magnificent souls of shining purity who reached the heights of sanctity in service to the Society of Jesus: St. Aloysius, St. Sta...

calendar_today October 16, 2022
schedule 23:34

Pious Life: Henri-Marie Boudon -- Be a Reformer, Not a Deformer

St. Louis de Montfort composed the following hymn: “Three crosses stand on Calvary’s heigh One must be chosen so choose aright; Like a saint you must suffer, or a penitent thief, Or like a reprobate i...

calendar_today October 2, 2022
schedule 21:34

Saint LIfe: Eugene de Mazenod -- How to Make Humans into Christians and Christians into Saints

St. Eugene de Mazenod was one of the many men called by God to restore faith in men's hearts after the French Revolution. He established a new missionary community, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. T...

calendar_today September 28, 2022
schedule 21:49

Saint Life: Photina the Samaritan Woman at the Well

Dom Prosper Guarenger says that charity will grow cold in the end times because there will be a lack of true wisdom. Wisdom is the gift which allows us to discern things from the light of divine prin...

calendar_today September 14, 2022
schedule 27:04

Saint Life: Our Lady of Graces and Frere Fiacre

God has His eye on France. He saved the first French Monarch Clovis (his queen being St. Clotilde) from a disaster at war, when this pagan king finally called upon His Maker for help and received a sp...

calendar_today June 29, 2022
schedule 24:47

Saint Life: Lawrence of Brindisi -- the Apostolic Doctor

A preacher's preacher, St. Lawrence of Brindisi was a stalwart Capuchin missionary. He was an intellectual, gifted with a legendary grasp of Sacred Scripture etched in his mind- and heart- who knew t...

calendar_today June 15, 2022
schedule 24:49

Saint Life: Blessed William Chaminade

A principle, tried, tested, and true from the very beginning, is that without Mary, there is sterility, but with Mary there is fecundity. It pleased God to demonstrate this through his servant, Blesse...

calendar_today June 8, 2022
schedule 24:18

Saint Life: Therese of Lisieux and the Cure of Scrupulosity

St. Therese of Lisieux greatly suffered from scrupulosity\r\nduring her younger years. Her trials were exacerbated by the death of\r\nher Mother and the entrance of her older sister into Carmel. How...

calendar_today June 1, 2022
schedule 21:05

Saint Life: Thomas Aquinas -- The Life and Virtues of the Angelic Doctor

Many today know all about the academic life and talent of St. Thomas Aquinas, but few are aware of his many virtues and the stories that demonstrate them. While he wrote and dictated much, taught the...

calendar_today May 25, 2022
schedule 29:54

Saint Life: Joan of Arc -- Type of the Church in Her Passion

Interest in her greatly increased after the French Revolution. Why? Because Joan mysteriously embodied the solution to the problems at hand. The Church had just been suppressed in France and it was sp...

calendar_today May 18, 2022
schedule 23:24

Saint Life: Catherine of Genoa -- Divine Love is Pure Love

Born into a noble Genovese family, young Catherine was not satisfied with her life of privilege. As a youth, she had a desire for prayer and offering penances for love of God. Being told by a convent...

calendar_today May 11, 2022
schedule 28:13

Saint Life: Mary Magdalene -- Abiding Sorrow for Sin

Father Faber once wrote, “All worship breaks down, if it is not based on the feelings due from a creature to his Creator.” We can then say, if a man loves God wrongly, he will become stunted in his sp...

calendar_today May 4, 2022
schedule 17:51

Saint Life: Hyacinth -- Confidence in Our Lady

Fr. Fredrick Faber, the great Oratorian priest said that there would be more devotion to Mary if there were more blind confidence in her intercession. The saints were given to us by God as models for...

calendar_today April 27, 2022
schedule 15:22

Saint Life: Conrad of Parzham -- God's Patient Porter

True greatness dwells in the soul and often evades the eye. Many times it is hidden under an insignificant exterior and the drudgery of a lowly life. This certainly holds true of the humble Capuchin...

calendar_today March 30, 2022
schedule 12:54

Saint Life: Bernard of Clairvaux -- The Marian Doctor

St. Bernard of Clairvaux was the founder of the Cistercian reform. He convinced so many men to join religious life with him that he entered in a group of thirty, including his brothers. When abbot o...

calendar_today March 23, 2022
schedule 26:44

Saint Life: Pope Pius V--Defender of Discipline and Shepherd of Souls (Part 2)

In February, we examined the life of Antonio Ghisleri- the future Pope Pius V. From his youth as a shepherd tending to flocks, entering religious life with the Dominicans, working as an inquisitor, a...

calendar_today March 9, 2022
schedule 18:50

Saint Life: Jerome -- A Man of Virtue

Many today have heard of the learned St. Jerome who waged war against the enemies of the faith. But few have heard of the many virtues of the same Saint. Upon a closer examination of his life, we will...

calendar_today February 23, 2022
schedule 19:58

Saint Life: Blessed Benoite Rencurel -- Our Lady of Laus -- Mother of the Prodigal Son

What if the prodigal child had a Mother at home? What if the young man\r\nwho squandered his Father’s inheritance had a Mother to win his hard\r\nheart over? We all know the story from the fifteenth C...

calendar_today February 16, 2022
schedule 20:29

Saint Life: Andre Bessette--Saint Joseph's Little Dog

calendar_today February 9, 2022
schedule 19:07

Saint Life: Luigi Orione -- God's Bandit

This saint was God’s answer to the rationalism, modernism, fascism and communism of the last two Centuries and ours. In the latter half of the 19th Century, Italy experienced a period of sharp anti-cl...

calendar_today February 2, 2022
schedule 26:10

Saint Life: Pope Pius V--Defender of Discipline and Shepherd of Souls (Part 1)

The whole life of Pius the Fifth was a combat." Thus writes, Dom Gueranger of this great saint. Growing up as a shepherd and tending flocks as a young boy, he sought to consecrate his life to Christ...

calendar_today January 26, 2022
schedule 16:39

Pious Life: Jean-Jacques Olier -- Christ Liveth In Me

In 17th Century France, when hardly a devout priest could be found, St. Vincent de Paul would state \"The Church has no worse enemies than her priests.\" God would raise up a worldly cleric whose only...

calendar_today January 19, 2022
schedule 17:29

Saint Life: Jane Frances de Chantal -- the New Commandment

St. Edmund Campion was a promising young scholar who had a comfortable life ahead of him in the academic world. His wit, intellect, and eloquence made him a popular figure at Oxford, garnering the att...

calendar_today January 5, 2022
schedule 10:40

Saint Life: Bd. James Kern -- Filling the Breach of a Fallen Priest

11. James Kern was beatified on June 21, 1998. During the ceremony the Holy Father said, “Blessed James stands before us as a witness of fidelity to the priesthood. At the beginning, it was a childh...

calendar_today January 5, 2022
schedule 11:57

Saint LIfe: John the Apostle -- Virginal Protector of Our Lady of Sorrows

John, the son of Zebedee, was called to be one of the Apostles closest to Christ, seemingly the very closest. Due to his virginal purity, this beloved of Christ was chosen to convey to the Catholic C...

calendar_today December 22, 2021
schedule 18:32

Saint Life: Edmund Campion -- the Diamond of England

St. Edmund Campion was a promising young scholar who had a comfortable life ahead of him in the academic world. His wit, intellect, and eloquence made him a popular figure at Oxford, garnering the att...

calendar_today December 1, 2021
schedule 16:07

Saint Life: Martin of Tours -- Conquerer of Gaul

Beginning with the death of St. Stephen, countless martyrs gave their lives as a worthy sacrifice to Almighty God. And to the confusion of the Romans, their blood never ran out. In 313, by their oblat...

calendar_today November 17, 2021
schedule 15:31

Saint Life: Francis de Sales--Passionately Subjugating the Passions

Men are born to fight. Men are generals, soldiers,\r\nlawyers, rulers, admirals, police. We were born to struggle. We were\r\nborn to overcome. We were born to practice fortitude. We were born to\r\nf...

calendar_today November 14, 2021
schedule 18:50

Saint Josaphat -- the Very Special Pledge of Peace

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s “The Liturgical Year” for today’s saint, the 17th Century martyr, Josaphat (keep in mind that this was written in the mid 1800’s long before Our Lady of Fatima’s request for th...

calendar_today November 10, 2021
schedule 18:20

Saint Life: Charles Borromeo--True Restorer of the Faith

St. Charles Borromeo was born on October 2, 1538. He was tonsured at twelve years of age, and when his uncle was elected Pope, Pius IV, he was called to Rome to oversee the Papal States in the name o...

calendar_today November 3, 2021
schedule 16:43

Saint Life: John the Cross -- Doctor of Detachment

St. John Cross: “In detachment, the spirit finds quiet and repose for coveting nothing. Nothing wearies it by elation, and nothing oppresses it by dejection, because it stands in the center of its own...

calendar_today October 27, 2021
schedule 17:15

Saint Life: Louis IX, King of France -- Heoric Virtue for the Heavenly Kingdom

St. Louis IX, King of France embodied the qualities of a just ruler who was highly intelligent and immensely virtuous. He was a heroic king, a fierce warrior, but above all, a saint. As he is the on...

calendar_today October 20, 2021
schedule 13:46

Saint Life: Louis de Montfort -- Captivated by God Alone

Whether it be a person, a thing, or even one's own self love, all men fasten their hearts upon some master whereby all their actions are directed. Instead of being a slave of his passions, St. Louis d...

calendar_today October 13, 2021
schedule 14:40

Saint Life: Theophane Venard the Cheerful Missionary Martyr

In her last agony, St. Therese of Lisieux had several pictures of her favorite saints put by her bedside. By her was a lovely picture of the Virgin Mary, a small image of St. Joseph, and an image of t...

calendar_today October 10, 2021
schedule 18:03

Saint Life: Blessed Francis Palau--Zealous Lover of the Church

In the shield of Carmel, we read the motto, “With Zeal I am Zealous for the Lord, God of hosts.” Bd. Francis Palau was clearly very zealous counter-revolutionary. St. Thomas Aquinas defines zeal as on...

calendar_today October 6, 2021
schedule 12:18

Saint Life: Margaret Mary--In the Side of Christ

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was born in 1647 in France. She made a vow of chastity as a child, and showed a heroic degree of penance even at a young age. When seventeen, she fell into a period of tep...

calendar_today September 22, 2021
schedule 19:49

Saint Life: Holy Archangel Michael--the First Saint

St. Thomas gives us an important principle: what is first in any order is the cause of all that follows it. Ever wonder why St. Michael is the given the title ARCH-Angel? Because he is the first in th...

calendar_today March 11, 2020
schedule 25:49

Saint Life: Benedict Joseph Labre—Type of the Pilgrim Church

St. Benedict Joseph Labre, pray for us!

calendar_today March 4, 2020
schedule 17:27

Saint Life: Vincent de Paul—Priest on a Mission

St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us

calendar_today February 19, 2020
schedule 18:53

Saint Life: Augustine—Grace and Chastity

St. Augustine, Doctor of Grace, pray for us!

calendar_today February 12, 2020
schedule 16:57

Saint Life: Gabriel Possenti—Battle to Preserve a Vocation

St. Gabriel Possenti pray for us

calendar_today February 5, 2020
schedule 22:21

Saint Life: John Bosco—The Gentle Shepherd

St. John Bosco pray for us!

calendar_today January 29, 2020
schedule 13:50

Saint Life: Francis of Assisi—the Need for Walking Crucifixes

St. Francis pray for us!

calendar_today January 22, 2020
schedule 24:17

Saint Life: Thomas Aquinas—Antidote to Modernism

Just as the moderns are all in rebellion against the perennial philosophy so well expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas, so too is the very same Saint and his teachings the antidote to all modern errors...

calendar_today January 15, 2020
schedule 25:00

Saint Life: Maria Goretti and Her Assailant Alessandro Serenelli

The story of St. Maria Goretti and Alessandro Serenelli is in a way, the story of two fathers. One who neglected his duties toward his children and the other who did not, even after death. When Alessa...