The Theological Virtue of Faith

The virtue of Faith has God as its object. Scripture tells us there is only ONE Faith as there is only ONE God. Today, this virtue is often abused in how people speak. That is, many speak about many faiths (note the plural). These brief sermons are an effort to clear up the confusion caused by this word's misuse.


calendar_today December 19, 2012
schedule 12:48

The Mass Helps Us Grow in Faith, Hope, and Charity

calendar_today December 18, 2012
schedule 12:01

Faith: Thinking with Assent

calendar_today December 17, 2012
schedule 11:54

Theological and Moral Virtues: Faith

calendar_today December 14, 2012
schedule 11:55

Faith Relies on Authority: Saint John of the Cross

calendar_today December 13, 2012
schedule 11:53

Saint Lucy and How Faith Comes About in a Soul

calendar_today December 10, 2012
schedule 11:10

Saint Juan Diego Faith, and Our Lady of Guadalupe

calendar_today December 9, 2012
schedule 23:19

Atlas Versus The Infant of Prague: Doubt Versus Faith