Holy Matrimony

Sermons explaining the true and traditional nature of this Holy Sacrament.


calendar_today January 22, 2023
schedule 25:28

Ordering Charity with Our Lady in Holy Matrimony according to J-O-Y

Our Lady puts His Majesty, Jesus, first; she put others second, and herself last. J-O-Y follows. In saying her last recorded words in the Gospel, “Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye” she does not f...

calendar_today January 15, 2023
schedule 14:53

St. Simon the Zealot, Cana, and the Sacrament of Marriage

Our Lord is like the sun above that shines upon the moon of the Church which reflects that perfect light and illuminates those in darkness. Christ, Who is the Light of the World, gives us the truth…pr...

calendar_today January 8, 2023
schedule 18:57

Holy Matrimony is a Holy Thing and of the Foundation of Society

Council of Trent: “matrimony is a holy thing and is to be treated in a holy manner.” History tells why the Church is right: to tinker with the doctrine on marriage is to invite schism, wars, death not...

calendar_today December 31, 2022
schedule 23:21

True Matrimony is Practing for Heaven

Part of my duty as the priest witnessing a newly formed and indissoluble bond of holy matrimony is to tell the couple what they are feeling now and have been experiencing as an engaged couple is not t...

calendar_today September 23, 2017
schedule 14:11

Hopeful Couples Are Fruitful

Marriage Sermon: Motherhood is in crisis today in the western world and the mentality expressed by women like Jane, whom I mentioned before, has led to some serious consequences. In short, there is a...

calendar_today January 17, 2016
schedule 24:06

J-O-Y in Marriage

2nd Sunday after Epiphany: The ordering of charity according to J-O-Y (J-for Jesus first, O-for others second, Y-for yourself last) is the same as the Cross composed of love of God (vertical) and love...

calendar_today July 1, 2015
schedule 18:40

Marriage and the Potentiality of His Blood

calendar_today June 20, 2015
schedule 21:08

The Sacred Contract of Marriage Kept Safe Under His Wings

God likes places His goods in containers... in special boxes, even sacred vessels. Marriage is one of the goods given to us by God from the very foundation of the world. Many are toying around with th...

calendar_today January 11, 2015
schedule 24:03

Restoration of Marriage Comes from ABOVE

calendar_today September 28, 2014
schedule 24:00

Historical Lessons on Holy Matrimony

calendar_today September 21, 2014
schedule 27:29

Holy Matrimony and the Natural Law

calendar_today September 7, 2014
schedule 24:05

Holy Matrimony and Virginity vs the Occult

The Council of Trent stated: \"Matrimony is a holy thing and is to be treated in a holy manner.\" The Fathers and the Doctors of the Church as well as infallible magisterial teaching clearly show a co...

calendar_today January 11, 2014
schedule 19:56

The Sweet Cross of Matrimony

calendar_today November 9, 2013
schedule 21:21

Matrimony: Placing Our Bonds and Covenants in the Ark