What is the Church Suffering? Does it exist? Where is it located? What goes on there? How can we avoid going there ourselves?


calendar_today November 1, 2022
schedule 12:26

Liberating Prisoners of War from Purgatory

We are in the position who can free prisoners of war. The poor souls are just that… poor, emaciated from their debt of sin, stained with the wrongs committed in this embattled life. They are in a sens...

calendar_today November 6, 2021
schedule 9:48

Bury Me Not with Perfumes But with Prayers and Lamentations

St. Ephrem, a father and doctor of the Church, spoke thus to his friends: “I beseech you, my brethren and friends, in the name of God who commands me to leave you, to remember me when you assemble to...

calendar_today November 1, 2021
schedule 8:56

Gladly to Bear My Purgatory Here

St. Thomas More prayed… “Grant me the grace, Good Lord… To bewail my sins and, for the purging of them, patiently to suffer adversity. … Gladly to bear my purgatory here.”

calendar_today November 2, 2013
schedule 19:23

Holy Souls Are All Mystics and Contemplatives

The Holy Souls in Purgatory know God in themselves. The minds are perfectly rectified. No more error. No more doubts. This makes them mystics: have mystical knowledge of God who is so near and yet una...

calendar_today November 11, 2012
schedule 14:34

A Reflection on Purgatory

calendar_today November 8, 2012
schedule 15:46

Daily Mass for the Dead: The Poor Souls are Focused on the Will of God

The main focus of the Poor Souls is the will of God. Saint Catherine of Genoa says that the primary pain of the souls in Purgatory is the resistance in their souls, due to the lingering stain of sin,...

calendar_today November 7, 2012
schedule 15:19

Daily Mass for the Dead: Purgatory Removes the Stain of Sin

Sin has three consequences: Guilt, Debt, and Stain of Sin. Confession can remove the guilt; the sinner or anyone on behalf of the sinner can \"pay\" the debt, but only the sinner can remove the stain...

calendar_today November 6, 2012
schedule 13:28

Daily Mass for the Dead: Purgatory is Real

Purgatory is generally denied these days; one explanation (by Cardinal Ratzinger before he was elected Pope) is that nearly everyone today believes themselves to be a victim and entitled to benefits,...

calendar_today November 2, 2012
schedule 07:50

Let Us Perform Spiritual Alms for the Poor Souls

The poor souls cannot merit anything for themselves; they depend on us to perform works of charity on their behalf to lessen their sufferings. The exisitence of Purgatory is De Fide, that is, it's an...