The Immaculate Conception: Christ's Cosmic Cathedral

The famous Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck (d. 1441) captured many thought provoking truths of our holy faith in his painting of the Annunciation. You can look at the painting in close detail here: This sermon attempts to show how these truths present in this painting are very edifying as well as helpful to us in understanding the need for the Immaculate Conception. She was the only one able to usher in the Incarnation, making it possible to restore all things in Christ. She succeeded where so many others had failed. We also see that by consecrating ourselves to her, we will (i) share in her power over the occult forces that are seeking to dominate the world, and (2) share with her the Lord’s victories, prefigured in the Old Testament. Please pray three Hail Mary's for this priest.