Climbing the Mountain of God

We are down in the valley, living in a world that has innumerable temptations of pride, lust and avarice all around us, wherever we turn, staring us in the face and constantly confronting us. As a result the air is dark and confusing. And people of all sorts, good and bad, are filled with various fears and forebodings. Yet the Mountain of God looms before us, beckoning us to climb. But how!? We need help, we need a guide…


calendar_today March 22, 2012
schedule 67:16

(Lenten Mission Part 6) Mary is Our Guide to God

calendar_today March 21, 2012
schedule 77:13

(Lenten Mission Part 5) Building on the Rock of God

calendar_today March 20, 2012
schedule 67:58

(Lenten Mission Part 4) The Roman Catholic Church is the Mountain of God

calendar_today March 19, 2012
schedule 87:29

(Lenten Mission Part 3) The Obstacles to Climbing: The Causes of Sin

calendar_today March 18, 2012
schedule 78:36

(Lenten Mission Part 2) Knowing Up from Down: Heaven from Hell

calendar_today March 18, 2012
schedule 23:35

(Lenten Mission Part 1) Introduction: Climbing the Mountain of God