Christus Vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat! Mission on Christ the King

All the problems that man faces today are the result of our casting Christ out of our lives. There will be no true peace in our souls or in the world until we acknowledge Christ's reign in minds, hearts, and societies


calendar_today March 16, 2018
schedule 49:34

Lenten Mission Viva Cristo Rey: Part 5—Christ the King, Fatima, the Holy Rosary, and Marriage

A decisive battle is presently being fought between Satan and Our Lady and it has a lot to do with marriage and family. During this decisive battle, we must choose a side and that side must be that of...

calendar_today March 15, 2018
schedule 52:18

Lenten Mission Viva Cristo Rey: Part 4—The Weapon of Christ the King: The Holy Wood of the Cross

The Holy Wood of the Cross has infinite worth...a price that could never be measured. Gold may shine and diamonds may glitter, but nothing compares to that True Cross soaked with the Most Precious Blo...

calendar_today March 14, 2018
schedule 53:43

Lenten Mission Viva Cristo Rey: Part 3—Christ the King and His Interior Castle

We know that the Lord's Kingdom is none other than the Roman Catholic Church which encompasses all things in heaven and on earth. But Christ's Kingdom is most especially an interior One, for lo, the K...

calendar_today March 13, 2018
schedule 52:08

Lenten Mission Viva Cristo Rey: Part 2—Christ and His Kingdom vs. Lucifer's Kingdom

The toppling of Christ the King from His rightful throne, the destruction of His Kingdom, the Catholic Church, and the rejection of the Christian Order which seeks to lead men back to God, have always...

calendar_today March 12, 2018
schedule 40:58

Lenten Mission Viva Cristo Rey: Part 1—The Anti-Christ at The Ape of Christ the King

We are definitely in the End Times. Of course, we should be used to being in such an age or time period, for we have been in the End Times for the past 2,000 years. Since the coming of Christ, we have...

calendar_today March 11, 2018
schedule 16:58

Lenten Mission Viva Cristo Rey: Introduction

The Jews of old largely apostasized on Good Friday by denying their King and Messiah, Jesus Christ. They did not want the God-Man to reign over them. They rejected the plan of God whereby men would be...