Our Lady of Lourdes and the Need for Piety

In this Parish Mission on Our Lady of Lourdes we explore and show how the virtue and gift of piety helps us LOOK UP... how piety helps us overcome all problems in this world, keep our verticality, and honor the hierarchical structure of God’s Creation and His Church. With piety in place and operating we can take our place beside Bernadette in looking up at the Niche while keeping the freely flowing river of doubt, rationalism, naturalism, and diabolical deception behind us.


calendar_today April 16, 2015
schedule 49:03

(Part 5) Miracle! Miracle!: Come in Procession to the Grotto

calendar_today April 15, 2015
schedule 67:29

(Part 4) Voices From Heaven: Discerning the Spirits About Apparitions

calendar_today April 14, 2015
schedule 65:22

(Part 3) Penance! Penance! Penance!: Fulfilling the Duties of our State in Life

calendar_today April 13, 2015
schedule 62:24

(Part 2) Knowing and Loving the Church with the Help of Our Lady of Lourdes

calendar_today April 12, 2015
schedule 19:26

(Part 0) Introduction to the Mission: Our Lady of Lourdes and Piety

calendar_today April 12, 2015
schedule 56:07

(Part 1) Piety Seeks to Avoid Purgatory But Dutifully Helps the Poor Souls