Mission Materials

Adult Examination of Conscience

Please Note: This Examination of Conscience is meant to be copied front and back on legal paper and folded two times, once in half, and then folded in half again.

Battle Plan Against Sin, Part I

In order to be victorious in battle against sin of any kind, one needs a battle plan. Here is part one of just such a plan that is based on Tradition and the wisdom of the Saints.


Here is a simple but Traditional method to make your meditation.

St. Philip Neri's Maxims for Conquering LUST

St. Philip has many counsels on how to overcome LUST, the Grammar of our Revolutionary times.

The Room

The Room is to way to see the importance of the Sacrament of Confession and how each confession needs to be integral or complete.

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette 18 times at the Grotto in Lourdes. The ordering and events of each is highly significant. This document explains some of these mysteries, and also acts as a kind of mediation for the Most Holy Rosary.

Piety That Saves

Piety is an essential virtue for overcoming the revolutionary waters that are flooding the world. This little explanation helps us see what Piety can do.

Map of the Mountain of God

This MAP of sorts goes with the Mission, Climbing the Mountain of God. Even without listening to the Mission itself, this little Map provides many little things to teach us about being pilgrims in this life and what our goal is: to die with Christ, so that we can rise with Christ (cf. Rom 6).

The Twelve Promises

Here is a summary of the 12 Promises made by the Sacred Heart of Jesus to St. Margaret Mary.

Duties of Christians

Here is an excellent summary of the duties of Christians in general.

Duties of Husbands & Fathers

Here is an excellent description of the duties of state for a Husband and Father.

Duties of Wives & Mothers

Here is an excellent description of the duties of state for a wife and mother.

Duties of Children

Here is an excellent summary of the duties for children.

Gabriel Moreno's Rule of Life

This is a Rule of Life (Regula) practiced by Gabriel Moreno. It was found on his body after his martyrdom.

Mirror into the Soul

This little work helps us to construct a little mirror into our souls to see our faults and failings. It is very helpful. This work goes along with the sermon on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The New Adam vs. the Old Man Adam.

Inclusios of The Woman

Here is a little MAP, of sorts, showing the Inclusios of the Woman, The Blessed Virgin Mary, found in the Sacred Scriptures. This MAP goes with the talk Virgo Potens: Sphere of God's Omnipotence (July 25, 2015).

Our Lady as the Ark of the Covenant

This little table shows how the Ark of the Covenant of old, made by human hands, is a TYPE of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ark of the New Covenant, not made by human hands.

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

This Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart is the one used by Pope Pius XII to consecrate in 1942.

The Story Teller

A story that should convince us that the TV needs to go.

Confession Story

St. John Climacus (d. 606) recounts some amazing confession stories in his ancient work, The Ladder of Divine Ascent... stories that give us great courage to make our confession, no matter what we may have done.

Cristobal de Avila's Rule of Life

The father of Julian de Avila (the priest that faithfully served St. Teresa of Jesus for many long years), a humble weaver, left, in what is one of the most delightful documents of the time, a rule of life. . . a testimony to his love of God and the Blessed Virgin (source: Saint Teresa of Avila, Marcelle Auclair, p. 138).

Five Aids to Chastity by St Thomas Aquinas

Here is sound and wise advice on how to remain chaste by St. Thomas Aquinas on how to remain pure and chaste. Although this advice was given to religious (cf. Chapter IX of The Religious State by St. Thomas Aquinas), nevertheless the principles and explanations are still applicable to all forms of life in the Holy Catholic Church: religious, married and single.

Advent Is Coming

Here is a worksheet to help the faithful of Christ make a good and holy Advent.

Lent is Coming

A worksheet to prepare for a fruitful Lent.

John Senior's Summary of Occult Principles

Before converting to the Holy Catholic Faith, John Senior surveyed the occult and summarized its principles. He wrote about what he found in his book "The Way Down and Out", published in 1959. Since these occult things are all around us now, we have decided to give you a copy of them. If you find them confusing, good! That is part of the nature of the occult... it is an aping God’s truth... it is only a partial truth coming from below... and used by those who serve the fallen angels. Whereas we look to the Deposit of the Faith for our principles, and these come from above. Pray before reading them.

Bishop Raymond Burke's Letter on Dangers of New Age and Occult

Here is an important letter written by Cardinal Burke when he was the Ordinary of the Diocese of LaCrosse showing why we should avoid modern occult based entertainment...books, movies, etc..

Die Fastenzeit Naht

Le Carême approche

La Quaresima sta arrivando

La Cuaresma Está CERCA

Step 15 of the Ladder of Divine Ascent

The 15th Step of the Ladder, according to St. John Climacus, is acquiring the virtue of Chastity.

Examination of Conscience for Children Heading for Trouble

The Struggle of the Soul with God

Learn how to participate in the Holy Mass at the highest level. Bd. Francis Palau, OCD teaches us how to enter into the courtroom of God, opened for hearing cases at the second consecration, and make our case for overcoming evil and the permissions of the devil to harrass the Church and the world. He explains this high level active participation in the Holy Mass in his book The Struggle of the Soul with God.

Fairyland by Paula Haigh

In this treatise, Paula exposes the problems with fantasy literature such as that produced by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Examination of Conscience for Parents Headed for Trouble

The Ordered Life of Our Lady

Here is a sort of rule of life for Our Lady as she lived in the Temple as explained by St. Bonaventure.

An Inventory of Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity is the attainment of a sweet reasonableness and an unflappable character; it means a well integrated personality; it means the possession of certain qualities that enable one to preserve peace within himself and to live and work harmoniously with others. Some of these “certain qualities” are decisive thinking, unselfishness, a sense of personal responsibility for the common good, temperate emotional reactions, a well-balanced attitude regarding sex, ability to profit from criticism, and ability to face reality.

An Aid for Averting Avarice

Here are nine simple norms that help us determine if we are under the sway of the vice of avarice or not.

The Clock of the Passion

What happened to His Majesty and when on Holy Thursday and Good Friday