The Faith Correcting Modern Thinking & Science

\r\nTruth is fundamental to the good working of any society. It touches on every aspect of our lives... What we know, how we know it, what we believe and why we believe it, who we have as our friends, how we live our lives and how we die… all depend on our understanding of truth. If someone gets the fundamentals of truth wrong, it can lead to some pretty serious problems later. As all of us should know by now, a small error in the premises can lead to bigger problems in the conclusion. What is troublesome today is that there has appeared two different ways of defining truth... the traditional way (as explained by St. Thomas Aquinas and many others) and the modern way (as follows from the thinking of Rene Descartes and those who followed him). Depending on which definition of truth we build upon, many things fundamental to our Church and society will be affected. In the end, we should never forget that the only truth that really hurts is a twisted truth. In this talk, we attempt to show how truth is twisted by using the modern definition.