calendar_today November 26, 2023
schedule 23:48

The Elect and the Reprobate

We have the Last Sunday after Pentecost…the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year. Next Sunday will be the First Sunday of Advent and the start of a new liturgical year. But having arrived at the end, it...

calendar_today November 26, 2023
schedule 23:17

Breaking All False Peace Treaties

Last time we discovered a major cause of all the troubles of the world... and it is St. Benedict's "NOT to make a false peace." We verified its accuracy by examining the major events of the Church and...

calendar_today November 12, 2023
schedule 23:39

NOT to Make a False Peace

St. Benedict, a founder of Europe and Western Civilization tells us in his Rule: “Not to make a false peace.” St. Teresa agrees in her meditation on the Song of Songs, stating: “God deliver you from t...

calendar_today November 12, 2023
schedule 14:01

The Irrelevance of the Novus Ordo

We were told that there was simplicity in the new rites, but we found instead only a pedestrian and impoverished ritual. The fad of using the vernacular…of Mass facing the people…the passing trend of...

calendar_today October 29, 2023
schedule 18:53

The Social Reign of Christ the King

On this last Sunday in October in the traditional calendar, Holy Mother Church celebrates the great feast of Christ the King. In that glorious document of 1925, namely, Quas Primas, which established...

calendar_today October 15, 2023
schedule 18:08

St. Teresa of Jesus - The Doctrix Mystica

St. Teresa of Jesus, a spiritual doctor of Holy Mother Church, was born in Avila, Spain, in the year 1515 AD. When only a child of seven years old, she ran away from home with her brother in the hope...

calendar_today October 8, 2023
schedule 21:40

Development of Doctrine is Not a Reversal of Doctrine

The Holy Father has insisted that the Church is simply experiencing a development in doctrine on multiple matters since Vatican II and that we cannot stymie the Spirit of change. But is development of...

calendar_today October 8, 2023
schedule 28:40

Are We a Divine Cultus or a Fake Cult?

At the very beginning of the Holy Catholic Church, many, including St. Paul, thought the newly born Mystical Body of Christ was a cult, in the pejorative sense… as in a relatively small group of peopl...

calendar_today October 1, 2023
schedule 16:41

Our Lady's Psalter: Opus Dei -- Opus Mariae

Since heaven called the Rosary Our Lady’s Psalter, let’s spend some time today reflecting on the important connection between the Rosary and the Psalter of Holy Writ. Both are revealed from heaven, on...

calendar_today September 29, 2023
schedule 13:29

The Angels and Our Three Storied Universe

In listening to some podcasts recently, which I rarely do, I heard a good priest saying that the devil can go anywhere in the universe. He used Einstein’s theory of Relativity as a sort of proof. Alth...

calendar_today September 24, 2023
schedule 23:18

Immigration and the Great Replacement

The Great Replacement theory argues that the vast majority of societies in the West are all experiencing various degrees of ethnic and civilizational substitution. With increased immigration and the g...

calendar_today September 24, 2023
schedule 23:10

Truth, Truthfulness and the Two Paternities

Truthfulness is practicing for Heaven. Heaven is the home of truth. No lies or liars allowed there. Heaven hates lies. Lying is practicing for Hell. Hell loves lies and loves liars! Well, then, we mus...

calendar_today September 17, 2023
schedule 21:50

An Ecclesial Cultural Genocide

What has happened to us liturgically, as well as with our traditions, customs, language, habits, and even doctrine is akin to cultural genocide. The cry of the modernists was heard…and their refrain w...

calendar_today September 10, 2023
schedule 24:16

Turning to the Sorrowful Mother to Prevent Relapsing into Mortal Sins

St. Alphonsus explains the relapse of ungrateful Christians into their previous sins is very displeasing to God (every good parent understands this). Because, after He had called and pardoned them wit...

calendar_today September 3, 2023
schedule 22:03

Avoiding the Works of the Flesh by Becoming a Tomb

Although it is true that at times we have to speak… neverthelss at times we have say something for the greater good of the Church and state or an individual. Let us be sure to speak to the right perso...

calendar_today September 2, 2023
schedule 8:04

1st Saturday Meditation: The Crucifixion -- Uniting Our Groanings

St. Paul tells the Romans that “we know that every creature groaneth, and travaileth in pain, even till now; and not only it, but ourselves also…” I dare say each one of us is struggling with somethin...

calendar_today August 28, 2023
schedule 23:41

Two Kinds of Cross -- Two Kinds of Victimhood

In the Gospel today, we heard His Majesty command: “Go show yourselves to the priests…” Out of the ten lepers this command ended up being perfected by only one man. This Samaritan turned and showed hi...

calendar_today August 27, 2023
schedule 19:17

Arlington Carmelites versus Compiegne Carmelite Marytrs

The Carmelites of Arlington dare to suggest that: We are breaking Communion with no one. Sorry sisters, but you are dead wrong. You are not acting as martyrs or true Carmelites, but rather like suffra...

calendar_today August 20, 2023
schedule 20:00

The Two Crosses of Self-Transcendence

For our instruction today, lets consider two crosses, one that is upright and leads us upward to heaven. When things are done in the shape of this cross, they count... they are purpled with the Blood...

calendar_today August 15, 2023
schedule 14:52

Every Grace is a Marian Grace -- Every Grace is a Priestly Grace

Today, let’s focus on the priesthood that made the mystery of the Assumption possible, because every grace is not only a Marian grace, it is also a priestly grace! One simple way to see how this is tr...

calendar_today August 6, 2023
schedule 22:41

Visiting the Cemetery of Failed Hopes, Desires and Expectations

If you have ever climbed high and difficult mountains, there are inevitably false summits along the way… summits that at first appear like the top of the mountain from down below. We may even know the...

calendar_today July 16, 2023
schedule 20:14

What is a Woman? A Copy of the Great Original--The Blessed Virgin Mary

What is a woman? A copy of the great original the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the indispensible helpmate of man. She is his compliment not his replacement. She is the Bride ever seeking the Bridegroom...

calendar_today July 9, 2023
schedule 21:34

What is a Man? A Copy of the Great Original--Jesus Christ

Ven Mother Mary of Agreda calls Jesus and Mary the great originals. Here are her own words: “On the sixth day, God formed and created Adam, as it were of the age of thirty-three years. This was the ag...

calendar_today July 2, 2023
schedule 15:48

St. Peter, St. Agnes, and the Church of Rome

At that basilica in Rome named after St. Agnes and built over her tomb, there is a special custom that occurs on her feast day. On every January 21st, two lambs are brought to the altar and blessed. M...

calendar_today July 2, 2023
schedule 18:27

Without Hierarchy True Liberty is Lost

In these modern times, most especially since the French Revolution of 1789, there has been a flattening of hierarchy… nay, even an outright denial that there is any hierarchical nature to anything in...

calendar_today July 1, 2023
schedule 12:18

Holy Places and Heavenly Contracts are Sealed with Blood

Our souls were marked, our contracts with heaven were sealed at our baptism with the Blood of the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world. Let us fight the temptations of the serpent to c...

calendar_today July 1, 2023
schedule 7:55

1st Saturday Meditation: The Precious Blood of Jesus and the Pure Blood of Mary

In speaking of whence originated the Precious Blood of Our Savior, St. Thomas Aquinas taught: “it was becoming that Christ’s body should be formed not from the flesh or bones of the Virgin, but from h...

calendar_today June 25, 2023
schedule 20:38

The Jesuits: From Heart to Rainbow

But this gentle burden…this sweet mission of the Jesuits to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart began to lessen, especially in the 1970s. A certain indifference towards the Heart of Christ began to gr...

calendar_today June 11, 2023
schedule 20:29

Fulfilling Our Contract with the Great Supper

When we complete our part of the contract, God comes and fulfills His part. In regards to the Holy Mass, we know that when a validly ordained priest does the red and says the black, His Majesty is pre...

calendar_today June 7, 2023
schedule 22:23

Saint Life: Boniface -- Ever-Fruitful in Grace

During the course of His Earthly life, Our Lord continually warned that we would not be saved if we do not bear fruit. Thus, the fruitless fig tree was cursed, the goats were sentenced to eternal fire...

calendar_today June 4, 2023
schedule 8:16

Neither Progressive Nor Conservative but a Restorationist

A Catholic, therefore, is not to be a progressive nor to be a conservative that approves the progress. Rather, a Catholic is to witness to God’s plan from the beginning…to be a restorationist…to be a...

calendar_today June 4, 2023
schedule 22:07

Relating as God does to Save Souls

Our goal on earth then is to respond to God and enter into a deeper relationship with Him and with our fellow man so that we will truly become pure and perfect for heaven… We should want this not only...

calendar_today June 3, 2023
schedule 12:32

1st Saturday Meditation: Pentecost, the New Law and the Ark of the Covenant

By Divine Providence, Easter fulfilled the Passover of the Hebrews and the descent of the Holy Ghost, taking place fifty days after Easter, coincided with the Hebrews Pentecost which commemorated the...

calendar_today May 31, 2023
schedule 23:31

Saint Life: Francis Xavier Seelos: Apostle to America.

In the midst of the horrors involved in the American Civil, God brought a saint to the American shores--St. Francis Xavier Seelos. This saint was known for his gentleness, kindness, and goodness of h...

calendar_today May 28, 2023
schedule 23:39

Hijacking the Work of the Spirit

The Spirit of God Who is so close to us…Who guides Holy Church and reminds her of what the Lord taught His Apostles…is often misused and even abused. Like Montanus of old, some have hijacked the work...

calendar_today May 28, 2023
schedule 19:26

We Need an Advocate to Win Our Case in the Divine Court

Prayers of Bd. Miriam of Jesus Crucified: “O Holy Ghost, inspire me; O Love of God, consume me; To the right road, lead me; Mary my Mother, look upon me; with Jesus, bless me; From all evil, from all...

calendar_today May 24, 2023
schedule 20:33

Saint Life: Anthony of Padua -- Ark of the Testament

Few saints are as near and dear to Catholics as St. Anthony. While he is often called upon to help find lost objects, he was also known for his eloquent preaching that brought lost souls back to the...

calendar_today May 21, 2023
schedule 9:28

The Mass of the Ages Never Gets Old

For the revolutionaries…for those who are change agents always seeking progress…Gregorian chant becomes a dated form of music…a medieval way of worshiping, instead of a lasting treasure of the Church...

calendar_today May 18, 2023
schedule 16:42

The New Adam Opened Heaven with the New Eve

Today His Majesty rose up body and soul into heaven, 40 days after His Resurrection. He did not go alone but went with a cloud of saints to accompany Him… all the souls from the Limbo of the Fathers,...

calendar_today May 14, 2023
schedule 20:01

Tranissaries and the Alphabet Religion

The federal government is also involved with forming a new generation of tranissaries. The Defense Department perceives a new type of soldier utterly brutal to a perceived enemy and utterly loyal to t...

calendar_today May 14, 2023
schedule 21:21

You Must Have Had a Good Mother

Dear Mothers, know the terms of your contract and seek to fulfill them. They are found in the Ark of the Covenant… When you do, you will participate in Our Lady’s unfailing efforts to raise up saints...

calendar_today May 10, 2023
schedule 21:22

Saint Life: Monica -- Patroness of Mothers

“A woman, when she is in labor, hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but when she hath brought forth the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.” This...

calendar_today May 7, 2023
schedule 18:06

The Anglicans Invade Rome

St. John Lateran is the oldest basilica in Rome and is the cathedral of the Church of Rome for it contains that papal seat or throne of authority. The cathedral of Rome, therefore, is not St Peter’s B...

calendar_today May 6, 2023
schedule 11:26

The Garden of God -- The Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Louis de Montfort: “In this Eden, this weedless garden… one may find trees which were planted by God and maintained by His grace. There is the tree of life which bore Jesus as its fruit. And the...

calendar_today May 6, 2023
schedule 9:01

1st Saturday Meditation: The Resurrection -- Rising Up Early in the Morning

For this First Saturday Meditation today, let us focus on the Mystery of His Majesty’s Resurrection and the 11th Apparition at Lourdes. From St. Mark’s Gospel we hear: “very early in the morning, the...

calendar_today May 3, 2023
schedule 14:57

Saint Life: Bld Bartolo Longo -- The Holy Rosary - Medicine for Sadness

Bd. Bartolo Longo, an apostle of the Rosary, was a holy layman who built the church for Our Lady of the Rosary in Pompeii and started the apostolates attached to it. He lived a life of experimentatio...

calendar_today April 26, 2023
schedule 23:60

Saint Life: Uganda Martyrs -- To Die Rather Than Sin

\"Magis mori quam peccare — to die rather than to sin.\" This Christian maxim inspired the martyrs of Uganda—canonized in 1964. These martyrs had been prepared for the supreme sacrifice of martyrdom f...

calendar_today April 23, 2023
schedule 25:19

Good Shepherds Keep Their Contracts

Since Good Friday, we have been considering salvation history through the lens of a contract with God and His Created order. For those who are faithful to this contract, seeking to fulfill justice, th...

calendar_today April 19, 2023
schedule 19:55

Saint Life: Irenaeus of Lyons -- Doctor of Unity

Arguably the greatest theologian of the Apostolic Fathers, St. Irenaeus of Lyons laid the foundation for Christian theology as the first systematic theologian. His Greek name means “peaceful” which w...

calendar_today April 16, 2023
schedule 23:48

Seeking First the Kingdom of God AND His Justice

Among the many and manifold reasons for His Majesty’s Resurrection is God’s Justice and His Mercy. St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the Resurrection is “for the commendation of Divine Justice, to which...

calendar_today April 9, 2023
schedule 18:05

Early in the Morning

In a number of places throughout the Sacred Scriptures, we hear how God likes to work early in the morning… all of which point to this moment in time! God likes to work in the morning early because th...

calendar_today April 7, 2023
schedule 18:44

Good Friday Meditation: Re-Establishing Broken Contracts to Obtain Peace and Avoid God's Wrath, Part 2

May we never doubt that God keeps His contracts. Men, even those high up like a Caiphas and Aaron, may break them, such that all under them will suffer, but when we keep to our part, God will give us...

calendar_today April 7, 2023
schedule 19:26

Good Friday Meditation: Re-Establishing Broken Contracts to Obtain Peace and Avoid God's Wrath, Part I

One simple way to view all history is to see it through the lens of a contract or covenant. Adam and Eve entered into a contract with God in Paradise. The terms were simple. “Of every tree of paradise...

calendar_today April 7, 2023
schedule 18:30

Good Friday Meditation: Re-Establishing Broken Contracts to Obtain Peace and Avoid God's Wrath, Part 3

Another simple way to see all of history might be to view the EFFECTS of a fulfilled or broken contract. If terms are fulfilled, peace and order result. If not fulfilled, then there is ENTROPY! Let us...

calendar_today April 6, 2023
schedule 22:03

The True Roman Rite

We are a part of a fight for the Faith and for the Liturgy of Rome. For too many years, Traditional Catholics have been focusing in on poor arguments…some arguing against the validity of the New Rites...

calendar_today April 2, 2023
schedule 10:01

Overcoming the Instinct of Self-Preservation is Required to Conquer with Christ

True knowledge is knowledge of causes. What is the cause, then, of the people of Jerusalem so easily betraying and abandoning His Majesty to the ignominious death of the Cross? They honored and praise...

calendar_today March 16, 2023
schedule 56:13

Mission on the Armor of God -- the Treasure Chest of Armor

When the entropy of the world reaches levels that approach melting point, God has to intervene or we will certainly perish. And He does this by opening up to us His Treasure Chest, His Ark, at the cen...

calendar_today March 15, 2023
schedule 67:46

Mission on the Armor of God -- The Shield of Faith -- the Cross of Christ

Consider the grand plan of how God made the universe. I think it is safe to say that somehow He started with the center of time and worked outward to the beginning and end of time. Just as the Sacred...

calendar_today March 14, 2023
schedule 77:10

Mission on the Armor of God -- Throwing Down Enemy Scaling Ladders with Courage and Compunction

Tonight we need to discuss some of the ways the enemy breaks into our interior castles, that is, our hearts and our marriages and families, to cause division. It is agreed upon by the fathers, doctors...

calendar_today March 12, 2023
schedule 23:52

Mission on the Armor of God: Introduction -- Life is a Warfare

In this Mission we are going to examine as much as time permits what armor His Majesty left us as He rose up into the heaven of heavens, leading the way home. We will consider clothing like helmets, b...

calendar_today March 12, 2023
schedule 29:54

Mission on the Armor of God -- The Armory Part II -- Model S Weaponry

God’s Armory, however, gives us all we need to keep out the smoke of Satan and is represented by the Five smooth stones and sling of King David, standing for the five sacred wounds and pointing toward...

calendar_today March 12, 2023
schedule 54:18

Mission on the Armor of God -- The Armory Part I -- Infiltration

St. Thomas Aquinas tells us there are three causes of the Church’s suffering: (i) external persecutions, (ii) undermining of the Truth from within by heresy and spreading of error, and (iii) corruptio...

calendar_today March 12, 2023
schedule 70:40

Mission on the Armor of God -- The Sword of the Spirit

Visit the War or Situation Room in this Conference as well as understand something of the D-Model weaponry of the enemy. To fight back we must use the Sword of the Spirit, God’s Sword; and it is the c...

calendar_today March 8, 2023
schedule 22:13

Pious Life: Fr. Mateo -- Apostle of the Sacred Heart

Why is it that we do not seem to make progress in our Spiritual life, despite so many good resolutions? St. Alphonsus Ligouri says that it is because we do not work on love of Jesus Christ. Other vi...

calendar_today March 5, 2023
schedule 17:49

In Overcoming Inertia -- Numquam Satis

Inertia is one of our biggest enemies. A simple definition of inertia: a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. In physics we know a body will remain as it is until enough force or energy is a...

calendar_today March 4, 2023
schedule 7:49

1st Saturday Meditation: The Coronation -- I am Sad when She is Sad

After one of the apparitions at Lourdes, St. Bernadette was asked later “why were you sometimes happy and sometimes sad?” Bernadette responded: “I am sad when She is sad, and I smile when She smiles.”...

calendar_today March 1, 2023
schedule 20:47

Saint Life: Peter Julian Eymard -- A Beloved Disciple

St. Peter Julian Eymard lived in the nineteenth century in France and was the founder of the Father of the Blessed Sacrament. He had many apostolates for spreading devotion to the Holy Eucharist. Hi...

calendar_today February 26, 2023
schedule 21:55

Exorcizing the Old Man Adam from Our Souls

If we are honest, we are both the subject of exorcism and the exorcist. The old Adam in us is what is under a sort of possession and the New Adam is seeking to liberate us as a sort of divinely commis...

calendar_today February 22, 2023
schedule 7:27

Leaving a Record that Cannot Be Turned to Dust

Lent is the time to add to the beauty of our record that is like the holy shroud of Turin, covered with marks of His Holy Wounds… a winding cloth over the death of our old fallen nature… sufferings an...

calendar_today February 19, 2023
schedule 21:45

Hate Whatever the devil Loves and Love Whatever he Hates

Unless I am mistaken, we all are still in need a human reasons to make a good Lent—to renew our climb up the mountain to Calvary—because most of us, truth be told, are near the bottom of the mountain....

calendar_today February 19, 2023
schedule 16:32

Return of the gods and the Crisis of Saints

In one of his letters, St. Paul writes: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hos...

calendar_today February 15, 2023
schedule 17:54

Saint Life: Bernadette -- an Unsuspecting Counter Revolutionary

St. Bernadette became a unsuspecting counter revolutionary that no one could move or get past… not hell, nor the freemasonic communistic journalists, scientists, psychologists, occultists… nor the gov...

calendar_today February 8, 2023
schedule 11:02

Saint Life: Jean de Brebeuf -- Manhood at Stake.

In a period of history where noble-men lounged around, some heroes left a comfortable European life to manfully embrace the Cross of Christ in foreign lands. These lands were filled with hardship and...

calendar_today February 5, 2023
schedule 15:53

Saint Veronica and New Veronicas

Who was this woman, Veronica? How did she know our Lord and why was she moved to show such compassion? A tradition states that Saint Veronica was the woman whom Christ cured of the issue of blood…that...

calendar_today February 5, 2023
schedule 18:25

Preparing for Lent and Unknown Crosses with Saint John Houghton

Let us take this coming Lent most seriously (it may be our last!)… it is a time given to us to make Christ Our Lord more and more the one sole King and Master of our vineyard… to makes us true friends...

calendar_today February 4, 2023
schedule 9:54

In Saving Souls We Will Find Rest

St. Irenaeus (d. 202): “Since the Savior already existed [in the Divine INTENTION], God had to create something to be saved, unless the Savior were to exist without any purpose.”\r\nSt. Ambrose: (d. 3...

calendar_today February 4, 2023
schedule 8:54

1st Saturday Meditation: The Presentation and Purification -- Following God's Ordering and Law

calendar_today February 1, 2023
schedule 20:00

Saint Life: Cecilia -- Music of God in the Soul

Saint Cecilia was a beautiful young Christian woman whose soul was filled with the heavenly music of God's grace. Entirely given to Him, she married but sought to preserve her total devotion to God b...

calendar_today January 29, 2023
schedule 18:39

De Montfort, the Cross, and Tradition 

On July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI normalized the ancient rites of Mass and the Sacraments for all Latin Rite Catholics and priests. Gone were the days of prohibition…gone were the days of ghettoized...

calendar_today January 22, 2023
schedule 25:28

Ordering Charity with Our Lady in Holy Matrimony according to J-O-Y

Our Lady puts His Majesty, Jesus, first; she put others second, and herself last. J-O-Y follows. In saying her last recorded words in the Gospel, “Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye” she does not f...

calendar_today January 22, 2023
schedule 22:42

Anarcho-Tyranny in the State and In the Church

What is going on here? In short, there is something that has been coined as anarcho-tyranny…that is anarchy, chaos and disorder combined with tyranny. Governmental elites allow chaos to reign in the b...

calendar_today January 18, 2023
schedule 20:38

Saint Life: Agnes of Rome

Temptation is a lifelong struggle, yet at times, the saints were able to respond to temptation as if it were but white noise. Consider St. Theresa who laughed at the appearance of a devil, or Our Lord...

calendar_today January 15, 2023
schedule 14:53

St. Simon the Zealot, Cana, and the Sacrament of Marriage

Our Lord is like the sun above that shines upon the moon of the Church which reflects that perfect light and illuminates those in darkness. Christ, Who is the Light of the World, gives us the truth…pr...

calendar_today January 14, 2023
schedule 10:17

Breaking Down Psychological Compatibility with the World, the Flesh, and the Devil

“I BESEECH you therefore, brethren, by the mercy of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing unto God, your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world; but be r...

calendar_today January 8, 2023
schedule 18:57

Holy Matrimony is a Holy Thing and of the Foundation of Society

Council of Trent: “matrimony is a holy thing and is to be treated in a holy manner.” History tells why the Church is right: to tinker with the doctrine on marriage is to invite schism, wars, death not...

calendar_today January 7, 2023
schedule 14:21

When Fathers Have Eaten Sour Grapes

if we study Sacred Scripture, we find a helpful exposition about Fathers and Sons (children) in the 18th Chapter of Ezekiel… where we hear the overall theme introduced thus: “The fathers have eaten so...

calendar_today January 7, 2023
schedule 8:54

1st Saturday Meditation: The Cave of Restoration

The fact that the Christ, the Word made flesh, was conceived in a cave at the house in Nazareth and then born in a cave, forever set the stage for how godly restorations are started. They resorted to...

calendar_today January 6, 2023
schedule 11:39

The Star Leads to the Incarnate God not the Cosmic Christ

St. Maximus the Confessor (d. 662) in his Life of the Virgin Mary, wrote of this star: “this star was not one of the stars of the firmament, but it was a power sent from above that completely abolishe...

calendar_today January 4, 2023
schedule 19:06

Saint Life: Juan Diego -- Our Lady's Trusted Ambassador

St. Juan Diego was a noble Aztec warrior who converted to Catholicism with his first wife, Maria Lucia. After the death of his wife, Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego in a series of apparitions in whic...

calendar_today January 1, 2023
schedule 19:15

Two Kinds of Annihilation

Man is by nature a religious being. God made us this way. It is built in. Religion is a part of the virtue of Justice, which requires giving to God what is due to Him as our Creator. In fact, this rel...